Fly With Dead Birds


3 track single with a superb artwork by Hannah Collins of House of Zinthos (

1) “Fly with dead birds” is an early mix of the song with the same name on the forthcoming album ‘I know who killed me’.
2) “Rebirth from ashes (Alternate take)” is different from the original version (which appeared on the first album ‘Horizons of Agony’) because of the drums – reprogrammed by Lionel Gache – and rhythm guitars – recorded by Théo Dumont.
3) An instrumental demo of “Suicide Exit” had been recorded in 2012, then remixed and released for the first time by Le Cirque des Vampires on the ‘Suicide Exit’ EP in 2014. In 2015, the philosophy was the same as for ‘Supersonic and Demonic Relics’ from the Crüe: let’s make something new from forgotten-yet-valuable old demos. The vocals are from the demo tracks of the ‘Hidden Spheres’ EP, and added to the original (yet remixed) instrumental tracks they form the first official FLINT release of this song, from now on entitled “Suicide Exit (Supersonic and Demonic)”.

Date of Release: 01/08/2015 (limited edition digipak only!)
Gathered on the compilation ‘Never trust an EP!!’ released on 28/09/2015

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Fly With Dead Birds

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