The Forsaken Tunes


The Forsaken Tunes’ is a compilation of all b-sides and rarities from FLINT in the “pre-Raptors” era.
This release gathers the very first song uploaded on Myspace in 2008, the 3 bonus tracks from the sold-out CD version of the debut album ‘Horizons of Agony, the full EP ‘The hidden spheres of a disturbed mind’ initially released in 2010, and all the b-sides from the singles issued from ‘Thus with a kiss I die.
If you are a fan, this album is a must ; if you barely know FLINT you will also find some gold dust on this album: even after a year, the song “The Game” is still number one in Poland!

Date of Release: 15/02/2014

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The Forsaken Tunes

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