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Founded in 2008, FLINT started in Lyon as a superband gathering musicians from different horizons and different bands. Evolving with time, musicians remain the same but there is pretty much a new singer for each new record!

A crossover between heavy, thrash, death, melodic, prog, nu metal… Difficult to classify FLINT under a specific genre. They give a music with no limits, in terms of style, tempo, line-up and lyrics!

Check-out their 3 albums, ‘Thus with a kiss I die‘, ‘Horizons of Agony (’14)‘ and the compilation ‘The Forsaken Tunes‘, available in all digital stores.

After pairing up with Chida from BASTAHAZE, FLINT released last summer the split EP ‘Summer Thrash‘. It contains 2 remastered tracks from BASTAHAZE and 2 new tracks from FLINT: one instrumental and one new song featuring Chida from BASTAHAZE on vocals.

To help us wait for their new album announced for 2015, they have released a series of EPs: ‘Suicide Exit‘, an instrumental split EP with Le Cirque des Vampires ; the EPs ‘Infection‘ and ‘Quand Elle Revient‘ and the singles ‘Iron Resistance‘ and ‘Fly With Dead Birds‘.

The third album ‘I know who killed me‘ was released on 11/11/2015.

2016 saw the band releasing their final records: the compilation ‘Twelve: The Greatest Hits‘, the single ‘The Lemon Stripping Blues‘ and another co-production with Le Cirque des Vampires: the EP ‘A Leak and a Promise‘.

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