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The Brazilian Prog/Modern Metal band Grimriot was created in 2010 in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Formed by Gui Acauan (Vocals), Brunno Tripovichy (Guitar and Vocals), Keith Eberhardt (Guitar), Lucas “White” Schwartz (Bass and Vocals) and Michel Fuhr (drums), they originaly have released four singles which received positive reviews on the website of Roadrunner Records and also got a good reception on the band’s official channel on YouTube.

The band name, by itself, doesn’t have a specific meaning. The choice is due to the fact that the word “Grimriot” is strong and expressive, which consolidates the intention of the quintet, which is the freedom of expression and music without labels.

Influenced by Post-grunge, Metalcore, Hard Rock and Prog Metal, the band wants to bring a new kind of music to nowadays Heavy Metal scenario.

Currently the group follow the preparations for the release of the first full-length, titled “Under Red Stars”. The material is already in the final stages of production and the band have already released a few songs for free listening, which have received excellent feedback from the public and specialized media. The debut album ‘Under Red Stars’ was released end of September. Check it out!

Latest News

  • 26 Sep 2014:

    Official release of ‘Under Red Stars

  • 19 May 2014:

    Grimriot sign with Raptors Music for the release of their upcoming debut album, planned for Summer 2014

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