The Hazy band was born in São Paulo with Vinícius Marcel and Marcio Lucca. Both came from Curitiba where they used to play together on several other projects, doing covers of Tool, Alice in Chains, Metallica and Dream Theater.

In 2012 they started focusing on their own compositions, from Vinicius’s guitar riffs and ideas, on which Marcio added his grooves. 

Vinicius called Sérgio Mazul, singer of the band Semblant and an older partner in Curitiba, which had a huge network of musicians that would probably know a good singer to play with them… And this is when Sergio pointed to Diego Sachi. He instantly showed a natural and huge potential and added value to the compositions already made. After the first rehearsal, Diego was the singer.

After several auditions with different bass players, an old friend showed up, Eduardo Gochi. Eduardo was a childhood friend of Vinicius and he was a member of their old musical projects in Curitiba, along with Marcio. He joined the line up in 2012, and the band became the best formation possible.

Hazy are currently focussing on a new album, and delivered us their debut EP ‘Eternal Rise‘ to help us wait for it.

Latest News

  • 07 Jan 2015:

    Release of the debut EP ‘Eternal Rise‘.

  • 12 Dec 2014:

    Hazy sign with Raptors Music!

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