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Meet IN MY DARKEST HOUR, a Garage Hardcore Metal band from France. If you are looking for well-produced, tight and meaningful music, you may want to give this one a pass… The band members pride themselves in recording each instrument/vocal track in one go; so you won’t hear any cut/paste, just pure raw music (as it should be… according to them!).

Their first single ‘The Dementor’s Kiss’ was released in June 2016.
This was followed by a recording session in Summer 2016 (called The Stourmeadow Sessions), out of which were released the singles ‘The Return of Biff Tannen / Jurassic Hardcore‘ and ‘Jurassic Hardcore / The Return of Biff Tannen’.

Their final single, the instrumental ‘Freedom Call’ was released on 23rd October 2016.


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