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Ukrainian metal band KILLSCREAM was founded in 2012. For the two years of the band’s existence, a team of five people has been established: Alex (vox), Dexx (guitar), Riva (guitar), Jarr (bass), Slip (drums).

KILLSCREAM’s music is made by the efforts of all musicians, each of them brings something different, original, and individual to the overall sound. Hard bass, aggressive guitar riffs, piercing drum parts and a variety of vocal techniques (scream, growl, clean vocals) contribute to the realization of common ideas and plans. In KILLSCREAM’s tracks you can hear both aggression and anger, a tough response to social problems, as well as other emotional states which include lyrics too.

During the short period of its existence, the group managed to play many concerts of different ranks. Particularly important is the fact that they were able to share the stage with monsters of American metal, DEFILER (during the “I Wanna See You Mosh Tour” – 2013: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus).

Also to the achievements of the group can be added the release of  the EP “Schizophrenic’s Nightmare” [2012], and the single “The Worst In You” [2013]. Both records, along with the singles, were spread on the Internet where they received an incredible number of positive comments and reviews.

In general, you need to familiarize with the KILLSCREAM sound and music by yourself, because no words cannot compare with the individual and personal opinions.

To help us wait for the forthcoming debut full-length album, the band released a 4-track EP in July entitled ‘Kill! Scream!

Latest News

  • 20 Jul 2014:

    Worlwide release of the EP ‘Kill! Scream!

  • 28 May 2014:

    KillScreaM sign with Raptors Music for the release of their upcoming EP, planned for July 2014

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