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Old Place emerged in 2009 from the initiative of guitarist Rafa Olivieira and drummer J.K., who had already played together in other projects. They quickly recruited bassist David and vocalist Maikon and recorded in 2011 the single and videoclip “Blood on Hands”,  made available on Internet. Their sound was already characterised by the Groove Metalcore passages, which became their trademark.

Neto Monteiro and Luis Felipe respectively replaced J.K. and David in the combo which started in 2013 the process of recording the first EP entitled “Breathing The Ashes”. The new songs are loaded with heavy weight and modernity, without leaving aside the old influences.

Soon after the recording, Neto and Luis quit the band, who then recruited José Henrique (Bass) and Maciel de Paiva (Guitars) for a new and solid line-up. The new EP ‘Breathing The Ashes‘ is now available!


Latest News

  • 17 Nov 2014:

    Official worldwide release of the EP ‘Breathing The Ashes‘ !

  • 09 Jun 2014:

    Old Place signed with the label Raptors Music!!!!

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