Our Music Services

Raptors Music offers a wealth of professional music services to empower independent artists.

From getting your recording expertly mastered, cross platform digital distribution, through to engaging website design and powerful email marketing - we're got it covered. See below for an overview of our services.

Effective multi-channel
music distribution service

Our experienced team can effectively manage your digital music distribution across all of the main digital download platforms so you don’t have to. Keep sending us your tracks, we’ll invest our time into generating you sales whilst you get on with producing, rehearsing, gigging and living.
We are also partner with a Team of Promoters to help you organise gigs/events.

Our distribution service

The complete
mastering service for
recording artists

Need sound advice or an extra set of ears on your records? Our experienced producers and digital masters are here at your service Ensure your records get the final polish they deserve before you put your music out there.

Our mastering service

Promote yourself further,
Offer your own merchandise

Offer your fans something to take home after your next gig.
Reach a wider market and grow your audience.

Merchandising Products

Improve your look and exposure
with our professional range
of marketing services

Album artwork and design

Album artwork and design

We’ve got a catalogue of talented illustrators and digital artists that have been working in the music industry for years, that are ready for your next creative concept.

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Photography and videography

Photography and videography

Trouble with dodgy band pics and Facebook selfies? Get the quality of imagery you deserve. We have passionate, dedicated, energetic and talented image grabbers ready for your next job.

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Digital Marketing, PR & Social Networking

Digital marketing, PR & social networking

Engaging digital experiences to support album launches, social media strategies and email marketing services. 10 years of experience with successful online campaigns supporting musicians.

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