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Need sound advice or an extra set of ears on your records? Our experienced producers and digital masters are here at your service Ensure your records get the final polish they deserve before you put your music out there.

Our mastering service

Home recording is fairly easy. Mixing is also achievable. Mastering? This is where it becomes complicated. Our freelance professional Engineers are fully trained and experienced to provide a cutting edge Mastering for all sub-genres of Punk/Rock/Metal and Electronic music.

We have nothing to envy to so-called professional studios which will charge you four to five times our price. Why are we cheaper? Well, we’re not cheap, we are affordable; and as freelancers we cut our margins so every musician can enjoy the delight of having an astonishing sound, without going through the pain of ridiculous costs.

If you want to find out more, please fill the enquiry form below. After the terms and conditions are accepted, we will just need to receive the WAV files of your final mixes, which will be returned to you as mastered files within 2 weeks!


You have all your tracks recorded separately but don’t know where to take it from here? Don’t worry, we also offer Mixing services (with different fees and different conditions). If you would also benefit from this service, please mention it in the enquiry form below.

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