Effective multi-channel
music distribution service

Our experienced team can effectively manage your digital music distribution across all of the main digital download platforms so you don’t have to. Keep sending us your tracks, we’ll invest our time into generating you sales whilst you get on with producing, rehearsing, gigging and living.
We are also partner with a Team of Promoters to help you organise gigs/events.

Looking for a label?

Music Distribution is simple: follow these steps and get signed today!

  1. Fill the enquiry form below, make sure you give as much details as possible (links to soundcloud/myspace, social media etc.)
  2. We will listen to the tracks very carefully, and will come back to you no matter what the feedback is (note that we may strongly suggest you to master the songs in order to meet the quality standards)
  3. If we’re happy to go:
    – We send you the contract
    – You send us all relevant material (WAV files, artwork, pictures, bio, links to social media etc.)
  4. We will create artist page & album page on the website, we will update your discography on www.discogs.com, but more importantly, we will release your record on all digital distributors with no cost for you!
  5. Voilà!

How much will I get?

All commissions are paid at the end of each quarter and the % you get out of the public price (=price shown on iTunes) will be written in your contract.

Be reassured that you won’t be affected by the different fees/taxes/commissions/margins that all digital distributors take, we take care of all of this.

To give you an idea: the commissions may vary between 35% and 50% of the public price.



Need help for organising gigs and events? Find it hard to get booked? Need extra promotion? We are now partnering with Head Shot Promotions, a dedicated team ready for any new challenge.

For more info, visit their blog, facebook and follow them on twitter.


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